Formal elegance and refined craftsmanship are the stylistic of New Daniel which was founded in 1985 in Recanati, the city of poetry that gave birth to Giacomo Leopardi.

The unique creations made from precious materials and decorations are born by the skilful craftsmen.  New Daniel products are the result of a refined aesthetic and stylistic, merging the artisan heritage with the compositions and combinations of contemporary taste.

Over 30 years, New Daniel artists make a mould of creations, according to classical aesthetics, with transmitted knowledge, love and care of handicrafts. New Daniel gives a new idea of using silver, a noble material, which embellishes frames, crystal, caskets, gift items, bonbonnière and home furnishings.

The Marche region, with its natural and historical characteristics, and Loreto, with the religious tradition related to the Virgin Mary and the Holy house, are sources of inspiration for a unique collection of Christian tradition and Orthodox sacred icons which are characterized by a unique, distinctive, elegant and refined style.

The religious items are, after all, an excellent symbol of New Daniel manufacturing, distinctive feature both domestically and internationally.

The value of creativity, combined with the tradition, inspires all collections which are born with an attractive design, sophisticated finishes and designed packaging to enhance the value of a present made with love.